Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Movie spree...

Ahoy me mateys’

I’ve finally watched Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest!!! Yes-yes,apparently that most of everyone else out there had watched it too…so of course,being the last few ones to be able to watch before it stops showing in the cinemas is something to be proud about,haha =P Before watching it,I’ve also managed to find the prequel…Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl…among the old stacks of movie collections that my father buys cuz I’ve never watched it before

Actually I tried to get the tickets last week on Wednesday(GSC,1 Utama)…night movie around 9pm,so I planned to be there earlier(I went there around 7pm,thought of going even earlier but ran into some “complications”) in order to secure a seat…there was already a short queue and when it was my turn,the best possible seat is forth row from the screen…I declined and proceeded to TGV,worst,forth row from the front but all the way to the side…and then,the most “last resort” thing to do…I WALKED all the way to Cineleisure(near Curve and Ikano)…yes you heard me correctly…and in the end,the moment of truth…even worst,third row from the screen!!! Sadly,couldn’t watch it on that night and decided to retire back home…so,the moral(s) of the story is…either go very-very early to buy the tickets,if it is at night,go in the morning/afternoon to buy?!!(I don’t think so it is permitted,right?) or don’t go watch a movie on certain days at certain hours(no weekends,not at night,no Ladies Night,Movie Day,etc…) or be a kiasu and book online first,no matter whether the movie is popular or not,no matter it is at very odd hours where other people wouldn’t ever think of watch it…its like a card game,no matter how good you are,as long as the other players cheat,you’ll eventually lose anyway,so you might as well CHEAT like the rest of em’…then it boils down to who is the best cheater >=P Better safe than sorry…haha =P

After watching both of it,I think both of the POTC movies were ok-ok ler…couldn’t really say which one is better cuz I watched the 1st POTC on VCD(where else the 2nd POTC in the cinema)…if watched in the cinema,it would make a whole lot of difference…good action movie of pirate goodness…so for those who haven’t watched it yet…faster go and watch it!!! The ending is left hanging,so that the producer has an assurance that the audience would be back to watch the sequel…Will Davey Jones’s debt with Jack Sparrow be settled? What would befall the swash-buckling rum-loving Jack Sparrow,faced against the Kraken? Will we ever see Jack Sparrow again or we would hafta stick with the new “Captain”(Those who watched it would know)?...all these unanswered questions leaves the audience in suspense and high anticipation…

To Be Continued…

Captain Jack Sparrow says “Go watch the 3rd POTC when it comes out!!! In the mean time,go buy the 1st and 2nd POTC on DVD or buy his collectible action figures or just go to the beach and search for hidden treasure as well as building sand castles” >=P

I’ve also recently watched Kung Fu action flicks…House of Fury on DVD(yup,another old movie that I’ve never watched before) and the current Dragon Tiger Gate in the cinema(which was before POTC 2 cuz that time couldn’t get good seated tickets,it was at night on a weekend with a friend that came just about 15 minutes before the screening in order to buy tickets,so back-up plan commenced ler,haha)

I would talk about Dragon Tiger Gate since it is considered a new movie…Cantonese dialogues(there are subtitles for those who are unable to understand…I glanced at it once in a while cuz I only know minimal Cantonese =P ) and of course lotsa ass-kicking moments considering it’s a Kung Fu movie,perhaps a little too much CG which makes the fight scenes look kinda cool and yet,fake at the same time…The most fake moments are when the protagonists are fighting,they jump here and there,punch and kick furiously,but all these actions did not hinder their ULTRA stylish long hair being ruined or messed up at all…How the heck can one fight if his/her own hair keep flapping around covering their eyes almost 90% of the time? So being a Kung Fu fighter,one must have some sort of a strong concoction of hair styling cream/spray/wax/etc…or else just shave bald or don the Wong Fei Hoong long ponytail hair style =P After watching the movie,you might want to consider getting a new Nokia handphone as it is “advertised” numerously throughout the whole movie,hehe…what’s next? Preferred branded condoms to be used by James Bond in the next movie Casino Royale? Lols =P

All these Kung Fu stuff makes me wanna pick up some neat moves too…haha,I think I would opt for martial arts which is more towards the defensive side,sort of counter-attacking the enemy using their strength instead…brute strength wouldn’t suit me cuz I think that the stronger you attack the enemy…it is equivalent to the damage you are doing to your fists and legs,lols =P Just a random thought…

Thought of putting this picture up(as it has something to do with this post),it was around after the end of the 1st year,which was after the exams…more specifically,it was after the Redang Island trip…

Went to Ampang that time…and if you are in Ampang,as the saying goes “When in Rome,do what the Romans do”…so in this case,if you are in Ampang…of course one must eat Ampang Yong Tau Foo,haha =D After that,we went to watch X-Men 3 over there…thus explains this group picture…haha,I sure miss the bunch of University gang!!!

One thing I noticed though,when watching a movie,at night seems to be more shiok compared to watching during the daytime(if watching during the day,always bring one’s student ID…haha,it feels good to be a student,lols)…and to complete the experience of watching a movie,get popcorn and a drink…makes me feel more in a “movie” mood…but not good for your wallet ler =P Haha,more random thoughts

That’s all for this update,payday coming soon…hehe,means it is time to change from movie spree to shopping spree? Lols…Take care and errr…spend wisely?!! =P

Come on everybody…Let’s all do the “Jack Sparrow Run” for the Mega Sale,savvy?


At Thursday, August 10, 2006 10:14:00 PM, Anonymous craigy said...

wahaha finally watched huh? good rite? muz see u one o dese days..need my PSM..haha ando oso to catch up lo..been a long n busy time. thinking of kung fu? man im so bored of tae kwon do i wana quite but u kno parents are like slave drivers...=P

At Friday, August 11, 2006 10:38:00 PM, Blogger Mel said...

Found your blog! Will now stalk!!!

Haha. You finally managed to watch PotC2. After all the fussiness and running to Cineleisure. You managed to see the Jack Sparrow Run.



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