Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year? We’ll see…hehe =P

First of all is to…

Wish everyone a Happy New Year!!!

Don’t really have a proper update…so you know what will happen then…upload random pictures…come on lah,or else these pictures will never see the light of day…probably just ended up being lonely in my laptop’s folders or worst into the Recycle Bin =_=”

Without further ado…the first few pictures to be uploaded in 2008…lols

Will be returning to Semenyih tomorrow to perform “self-enforced study” for exams this coming Monday…so update now lor

Rainy early morning in UNiM…haven’t seen this building for quite a long time cuz sedang ber-holiday back at home =P

This is the ceiling inside the indoor badminton court in UNiM

What’s wrong with this picture? Click the picture to enlarge(unless you posses microscopic eyes)…and click here to know ; )

Among the overgrown grass/lalang at our TTS5 rented house…some pretty flowers manage to grow…

Beauty within Overgrown Manifest

Yau Fee brought along one of his pet dog,Patch,to TTS5 for a few days…

Become a guard dog or to help “water the plants/car tires”? =_=”

I guess that’s all kua…wont be updating again till exam finishes…which will be after January the 18th…so GOOD LUCK to everyone else who’s having exams!!! As for the rest arrr…have fun in this brand new year!!!

Just only came back from New Year’s Eve at The Curve

Wah-wah…haven’t seen my face on this blog for a very-very long time liao…
Shiok sendiri perasaan-ness…Bwahahaha =_=”


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