Monday, April 03, 2006

Formula One(F1) fever strikes back...

Guys who don’t watch sports…are they considered as guys? Just like girls who dun go shopping…or perhaps like doggies who dislike lamp posts and fire hydrants…well,to me its just something “different” or out of the ordinary…to put it in a good way,they have different interests =P I used not to watch any sort of sports on TV…then it started with badminton,football,etc…I am not that 100% enthusiast about em’,for example,I dont watch football(English Premiere League) but I do watch the World Cup…so technically,I stare at guys running after a ball,once in every 4 years =P So,since I am tired of watching silly men chasing after a ball…I am now currently watching silly men chasing each another in their fast but fragile vehicles…known as Formula 1 =P I think the Formula 1 bug had bitten me maybe around 2 or 3 years ago…never really watch much of it last year cuz the sucky rules and I was also working part-time back then(weekends were gone…but obtain much well-earned $$$ =D )…It has all the dramas,spectacle overtakings,crazy crashes,F1 queens(GT queens better though =P ),etc…but sometimes I just get bored if nothing happens in the race…therefore,vehicular crashes are welcomed…the fever had struck me once again,everytime I return home during the weekends from University =P

Now on to something fun…

Some of you may know that there is this website which does face-recognition technology…all you need to do is upload your picture(or others if you choose to do so,but I m not responsible for your actions) and the site just does its “thinga-majiggy”…and Voila~it tries to match the face with other celebrities as accurate as possible…It’ll display a few resembled candidates(both male and female),together with its percentage accuracy…so for my amusing purposes(and others who visit this blog),here are my results…Please take note that this is just for fun and does not meant to do any harm nor provoke anybody till legal actions are taken >=P

Ladies and gentlemen,here is the “lab rat”…it states that a picture of the face should be taken as close and as clear as possible…you know,to get the details of your face…so this ugly fellow with pimples,messy look and “panda eyes”…possible matches turns out to be…(from the least to the highest percentage accuracy)

(From Top to Bottom,Left to Right)
5)Nicholas Tse(52%)
4)Patrick Stewart – OMG!!! Perhaps I’ll look like him when I am an old fart…in the future,my grandchildren can boast to others that their “grandfather” look like that “Star Trek Captain Guy” =P (53%)
3)Leon Lai(54%)
2)Aaron Kwok(54%)
And the No.1 look-alike is…(drumroll)…

1)Stephen Chow – Haha,seriously?!! I think so too,since I crap a bit here and there,crack up lame jokes…but not as good as him though =P (66%)

Now,if I am born as a girl(or decided to change into one),I would turn out to be like…

(From Top to Bottom,Left to Right)
5)Hilary Duff – Hmmm,I get to have my own TV show,release albums and act in movies!!!(56%)
4)BoA – Oooohh,not bad…I kinda like some of her songs…wait in this case,“my songs” =P (57%)
3)Ha Ji-won – Some Korean celebrity(59%)
2)Janie Tienphosuwan – Dunno who is this(60%)
And the No.1 look-alike,provided sex-change had been “successful”…(drumroll)…

1)Lee Young-ae – Hmmm,she’s actually quite a famous Korean actress,pretty too…but I dun really know…must be fond of those Korean dramas on TV in order to know I guess =P (61%)

Conclusions: I am 1 out of 5 likely to look like a foreigner(“gwai-lo”/mat salleh/orang putih)…If I am a female,I am more of a Korean than a Chinese,hehe can bluff during custom inspections…If average percentage accuracy is calculated(individually for male and female),I am more towards the feminine side,haha =_= …etc…

Ok,enough about me…why dont’cha try it out yourselves,please proceed to, you have to register first though,but never mind,its pretty quick and easy ; )


At Tuesday, April 04, 2006 10:58:00 AM, Blogger Craigy craig said...

wahahaa this some good shit man! gotta try it myself. stephen chow huh, okok quite close...haha... le young-ae? thats the jewel in the palace girl rite?? heheh..funny.. gota tell me how to put pictures side side by side!!


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