Friday, January 27, 2006

Comeback in 2006...

Tadaa!!! The first post of 2006!!! After a long time of deep-hibernation from the world of blogging,after hiding amongst the flowing rivers of time,after disappearing like David Copperfield from the world of magic for quite some time…I am finally back…Much apologies for not keeping my blog up to date as well as to satisfy my hungry “visitors” wanting for more…Exams and laziness had been the poison of this…Anyways,now that I have my rhythm as well as the groove and gas to kickstart the engine within myself to once again resume or continue from where I left off…without further delaying,let me continue…

As the examination period was over…I once again resume my humble-self of bumming around at home…except that I fell sick…again(first time was during the examination!!!)…after exams were over…so KO’ed a few days,lying on the bed…then as soon as my body had done its magic to heal,it was time to go OUT of the house for some outdoor venturing…the cure for staying in Semenyih for too long during the “I have no choice but to stay there till exams are finish because it is too far from my home” period =P

Wednesday,dropped by back at Taylors College…as usual,like a “Mousedeer entering its stable” (Haha,direct Malay proverb translation,lols =P ),things have change…one of them were,a coffeeshop restaurant that once stood there,had been closed down and turned into…STARBUCKS!!! Goodness…surely business would be good as it would suck every penny from sucker college students in that area…Anyways,the reason I was there was to just pay a visit to some of my friends who are apparently still studying over there…Wah,so nice of me to trouble myself all the way from Semenyih,haha =P

Thursday,decided to go to Lowyat Plaza today to buy some stuff for my laptop…primarily is to get an external hard disk and also a new thumbdrive cuz the previous old one sudah rosak…just when I wanna use it…things like this always happens,when I wanted to use something,it surely goes wrong or may not be available…but when the times that it is not needed,then it’ll be right there,staring and waiting for me…Hmmm,perhaps it must be the dark clothings that I had been wearing out this few days =P In the end,I just only bought the thumbdrive cuz the external hard disk was pretty expensive,perhaps some other time…I want a digital camera too…Bah,the feeling of “materialism” =P Oh and went for a haircut too,so there goes my long hair together with RM25(standard price of haircuts in KL)

Today,haha…went to visit Craig for a while…Man,that’s 3 days of outgoing activities in a row…his house was being “spring-cleaned”,so didn’t do much there besides chatting…and had a sort of “Reunion dinner” with my friends which I knew in Taylors College,in alphabetical order…Michelle(Mikexmichelle),Wei Hao,Wei Sun and Xian Ai(Haha,just knew how to spell her name recently via online =P ) Makan in Genki Sushi…damn long never had sushi already…as my tastebuds,bittered by the meals in the Cafeteria in my University -_- Watched a movie starring Jet Li entitled Fearless…managed to get decent good seats by some sort of illegal way with the “Indian Ticket Counter Guy” =P As there were some parts which displayed Chinese writings that I couldn’t read as I am a “Half-Banana”(can speak mild Cantonese,poor in Mandarin and couldn’t read nor write in Chinese =P )…there weren’t subtitles either in those scenes…anyways,it doesn’t matter as long I know what is going on…the usual Kung-Fu fighting scenes…but I find the story a bit on the “Moral” part and a not-so-engaging sort of plot…still,it’s a OK-OK show considering that this “might” be Jet Li’s last Kung-Fu sort of movie…getting old perhaps? Cant be man…even Jackie Chan is older than him…errr…right?

Now,here is the part I conclude my post…so as I am too tired to think of anything left to say,might as well…end it with photos…oh and HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! for those who are celebrating it…as for those who aren’t,just be thankful for holidays,haha…Nitezzz…

Short hair for Chinese New Year…Haha,used the mirror,as a reflective guidance,in the bathroom to take this picture =P

A shot of the back part of my shirt that I wore to the “Reunion dinner” just now…Yes,its the back…not that I dunno how to wear
my shirt correctly…well,unless I choose to do so anyway =P


At Sunday, January 29, 2006 2:03:00 PM, Anonymous craigy said...

wahah...lucky ur exams are over huh? i got one week left so im trying to enjoy it as much as I can. Troubling myself at the moment trying to finish riku's story. sorry i didnt really notice ur haircut...hehe.

At Sunday, January 29, 2006 10:19:00 PM, Anonymous smashpOp said...

hey nice shirt! n yes.. i know its the back.. lol


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