Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Perak we will go: Ipoh-Ipoh mali&Temple visiting/posing?

Ok,time for an update after my Perak trip…Why did we chose to go to Perak? Because it’s Visit Malaysia 2007,no? Lols…well,quite a spontaneous decision anyways…after exams already,so anything goes lah,hehe…besides,can bring my digital camera for jalan-jalan rather than collect dust…So off we went on Sunday morning(20th of May) from Kajang

Note: Pictures were taken with Douglas’s,Wilson’s and my camera…to distinguish whose is whose,Douglas is blue,Wilson is red and mine is black(according to the coloured text…sorry lah if you are colour blind >=P )…this is for photo rights purposes only…so that you can see how professional/amateur my photography skills are compared to others =_=”

Too many pictures to be posted up…so these are the few ones which I've decided to display…

First of all…one would be a fool to walk all the way to Perak,so…

Our mode of transport throughout this journey…the Toyota Avanza(belongs to Mei Fang)…able to fit 7 of us inside

After a long grueling journey…well not really grueling ler(unless you are the driver =P ) cuz I was sleeping most of the time…only had 3 hours of sleep the night before…

Pit stop at Ipoh for lunch!!! Everyone was craving for Salted Chicken…the one we went to eat was in this restaurant(cant remember the name,but hey you can click on the picture to enlarge and see the words on the packaged box,hehe…)

Eddie performing a complicated surgery on the chicken…

The chicken…

It tasted ok to me…not salty enough to have the “Oomph” flavour

After makan-makan…went to this place…

Kek Long Tong Cave…and no,this place doesn’t formerly belong to the Nazis by the looks of the trimmed plants…

After snapping a few shots in the cave…my digital camera ran out of battery…Aiks…so the following pictures were taken by me using my cameraphone <=P

Upon exiting the other side of the cave…there is a huge garden

Overlooking the Lake

In the lake,there were fishes and…

…also Ninja Turtles =_=”

Another lake in the area…

Lily in splendour

Thank goodness it didn’t rain…

Grand cloud of the Heavens

A retro picture where everyone is in it…

From Left to Right: Douglas,Tuck,Eddie,ME,Hui Jiun,Mei Fang and Wilson(our tour guide!!! Cuz he’s from Perak =P )

Eh? Got playground wor…aiyah,but only got one see-saw…

Never mind…all 5 of us can go on it at the same time…see? =P

I personally liked this one…

The “look over there” picture…no-no Mei Fang,look there…not point there and look elsewhere =P haha

Off to a nearby temple…

Ling Sen Tong Temple…at least got “subtitles” leh,dunno how to read Chinese writings =_=”

A bridge for people like us to pose…

No you are not drunk or seeing double…

…in fact,there are TWO Monkey Gods in this picture…spot the fake one =P

Bad dog!!! Eeerr…I meant lion…eerrr…whatever you are lah =P

To end the day…went back to Ipoh to have dinner…

Another Perak must-eat,Steamed Chicken,Pork Meatballs and Beansprouts a.k.a Taugeh(nice and crunchy) at Lou Wong Restaurant(heard of it before?)…quite packed with people at night

Phew…that’s the end of Day One in Perak…heading back to Wilson’s place to have a bath and stay the night…the journey continues the following day…stay tuned ; )


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